Top 7 Tips for a Successful Event

Our company runs micro (20) to small (1200) events. Some are short – an hour or two and others are multi day. We have run thousands of meetings. Here are some the key ingredients to success

  1. Promote the event.
    1. Send out save the dates once a location and date are confirmed
    2. Create promotional materials – often both digital and hard copy
    3. Send out follow up messages – segment by audience when logical
    4. Use hotel and registration deadlines as an excuse to communicate
    5. Personalize contact.
      1. For an audience such as association members, segment by past attendance and need for hotels
      2. Use demographics for specific sessions which may be of interest
  2. Make sure all the details on readily available on your website and in any emails
    1. Location with address
    2. Hotel Accommodations
    3. Agenda
      1. When onsite registration opens
      2. Time of networking
      3. Specific time for sessions and who will be speaking
      4. Breaks – and whether food will be served
      5. Ending time
    4. Registration Rates & Deadlines
    5. How you will use their information
    6. Who to contact with questions
  3. Make sure that the registration form collects pertinent information
    1. Full name & informal (nickname)
    2. Title & Company for business events
    3. Name of guests and their information
    4. Full Contact Information
    5. Allergies/need for special accommodations
    6. Releases
    7. Specific sessions/events person will be attending
  4. Send out confirmations to attendees and speakers
    1. Online programs normally generate one automatically at the time the person registers
    2. Send at least one more confirmation. Include the agenda, location and list of attendees.
    3. Ask individuals to confirm their information for badges
  5. Create a checklist and timeline with
    1. BEOs/AV requirements
    2. Materials to have onsite
    3. Key contacts
    4. Contingency plans
    5. Walk through of program/ pre con with hotel/event staff
  6. Assign roles for onsite
    1. Who deals with problems
    2. Key person to welcome and handle registration
    3. Announcements, etc.
  7. After the event, send out thank you notes and evaluations

This is a very simplistic list and there are a LOT more details which aren’t here. However these tips can make your life a bit easier.

One last piece of advice, build in networking time and facilitate the networking with information on the badges. This can be the most valuable part of an event for some attendees

If you run events what is your top tip?