Client Success Stories

The Guild Associates has worked with associations and professional societies of all sizes.

We tap into our expertise to provide ideas on how to help each organization achieve its goals. For each organization, we track metrics so that the board is aware of trends and can make adjustments as needed. This helps for the planning for future years and to better understand what is working in the association.

Case Study 1

Local Chapter of International Association

This association is organized as a 501(c3). It held at least 2 meetings per month plus an annual conference. During the 14 years, their membership increased by 238% and their revenues increased by 431% while their assets increased by 1020%. Using our database, we were able to implement new processes to market to non-members who had attended an event. This included mailing to anyone who had attended a meeting within a certain period of time; sending special mailings to non members to encourage them to join.

Graph showing records for an association.
Graph showing finances for an association.

Case Study 2

Individual member association which is the local chapter of a national organization.

Highlights of Growth over a 5 year period:

  • The database: 125% increase in # of records
  • The number of meetings: 40%
  • The number of members: 28% increase
  • The number of meeting attendees: 45%

Case Study 3

A Club which had traditionally met in person two times per month had to rethink how to meet at the beginning of the pandemic.

Our goal was to retain the level of engagement as we pivoted from in person to virtual meetings. This was accomplished by moving the meetings to zoom and adding break out sessions for discussion at the beginning and end of the meetings. Attendance stayed consistent or higher than previous years.

Although they are a smaller organization, they were able to leverage the technology and tools that our office provided to make the change smoothly and effectively. 

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