The birth of The Guild Associates took place when Mr. Walter R. Guild, who was the managing director of the organization, began operating a business counseling and public accounting firm in 1923.

Between 1923-1927, the organization grew slowly as Mr. Guild first became treasurer of the Abrasive Corporation (1923-1927) and then President and General Manager of the Superior Grinding Wheel Company (1925-1927). Early in 1931, the Guild organization was approached by a small letter shop manager who needed financial counseling. This small business man was one of 133 who composed a local association, The Commercial Duplicating and Mailing Industry.

Mr. Guild became interested in the various problems of this industry, and in the latter part of 1931 became the manager of the association. This was the springboard which sent Mr. Walter R. Guild into the realm of trade association work. In 1932, the firm changed its name to: The Guild Associates. 

Black and white photo of Mr. Guild at his desk.

Over the last 90 years, team members have been engaged in learning from other association executives as well as giving back to the industry by serving on various board of directors. In addition, they have taught courses on association management. The current staff is proud to be able to build on the solid foundation and serve future generations of association leaders.

The Guild Associates Timeline

1932: The Guild Associates founded by Walter Guild

1949: Richard Guild joins The Guild Associates

1950 - 1951: Walter Guild serves as president of the Association of Trade Association Executives (now ASAE & the Center)

1951: Richard Guild earned certificate of graduation from Northeastern Institute of Trade Association Executives at Yale (now Institute of Organizational Management)

1952: Richard Guild joined the faculty of the Northeastern Institute

1953: Richard Guild is elected President of Boston Trade Association Executives (BTAE)-youngest person to ever be elected

1959: Richard Guild is elected to ASAE Board- youngest person to serve on the board in its 24 year history

1961: Walter Guild earns his CAE- first class

1962: Richard Guild wrote the monograph on programming which was published by the Institute of Organizational Management in conjunction with the first-year curriculum that continued to be used until the 1970’s

1963: Richard Guild earns his CAE- third class

1963: Multiple Association Management Institute founded with The Guild Associates as a founding member

1965: Richard Guild takes over the Guild Associates

1969: Richard Guild elected President of Multiple Association Management Institute (now AMC Institute)

1984: Purchased mini frame computer system with terminals for all desks

Photo of The Guild Associates, Inc. team from 1947
Photo of The Guild Associates, Inc. team from 1988

1993: Purchased IMIS software – first association management company to purchase the software

1994: Linda Guild joins The Guild Associates full time

1996: Northeast iMIS Users Group(now International iMIS Users Group) founded with Linda Guild chairing steering Committee

1999: Linda Guild earns her CAE

2000-2001: Linda Guild serves as president of Northeast iMIS Users Group

2001: Linda Guild graduates from Institute of Organizational Management

2010-: Linda Guild named CEO of The Guild Associates

2020: Hired to help launch BioPhysical Economics Institute

Photo of The Guild Associates, Inc. team from 2014
Photo of the current The Guild Associates, Inc. team

Over the years, The Guild Associates has worked with associations and professional societies in many different industries/professions including: fundraising, commercial laundry, automotive, economics, marine, nurseryman, candy manufacturing, and art materials. 

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