Why The Guild Associates?

The Guild Associates, Inc. takes pride in client and staff investment for the long-term growth of each association. Below are some areas that set The Guild Associates, Inc. apart from other association management companies.

Experience and Knowledge

  • Decades of learned knowledge for managing various types of associations (large and small)
  • Ability to help plan the strategic direction of an organization to allow for maximum growth
  • Ability to handle a multitude of logistics so an organization's volunteers can focus on strategy
  • Long standing relationships with various vendors in the region to lower client costs
  • Legal knowledge of anti-trust laws, tax laws and filing, and unrelated business income that helps to keep each association up to date and abreast of any important changes in the law

Customer Satisfaction/Service

  • We gain an in-depth understanding of each association's membership so that our management office may serve as a resource to its members
  • All phone calls are answered during business hours
  • Staff is cross-trained on all client associations, projects, and how to service each client's needs and questions

Office Equipment & Technology

  • Understanding of the latest technological trends from various fields
  • Technology which allows team to work from anywhere and have redundancy
  • Top of the line software programs that are often too costly for a single association to own
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